Starry Fox Masquerade Mask

Hello, here’s a preview of a new Starry Fox mask coming to my store soon!

Handmade from leather and painted with acrylics. I wanted a textured, cratered surface with a lot of contrast between the metallic silver and glossy black. Touches of glitter accent this mask, and 14 crystals under the eyes add a touch of sparkle and shine. This masquerade mask adds a dark elegance to your next cosplay or costume! Looks great at a masked ball or on display.

I went with a very dramatic up-swept eye markings to really draw attention to the beautiful expressiveness of this mask.

I’ll have it posted in my Etsy shop this week.

Bristol Ren Faire has a fantasy weekend coming up, complete with masquerade ball! I bet there will be some neat masks there that weekend. What do you like to wear to Ren Faire? If you’re going to a renaissance faire this summer, a leather masquerade mask is a must have for your costume! It’s easy to wear and lightweight, plus you can take it off or wear it on your head when you get too hot outside. Much easier than heavy makeup or prosthetics!

I’m also busy working on a new Egyptian God mask to add to my line up! Anubis masks are once again available, and I have a few Bast masks in stock. I love working with bold, simple designs with lots of impact. I try to achieve a clean minimalist design with each mask. Masquerade Masks are especially hard to keep simple and clean – it’s easy to get too gaudy trying to balance all the elements of a mask.

I’m excited to add new masks and re visit some old favorites.

Thanks for stopping by, don’t forget to check out my tutorials!

– Kym Lewis, Owner of Lucy Loves Leather