Making Fox Masks

I’ve been keeping busy lately, so I wanted to share a quick update of what’s going on!

I did a guest post on another Etsy seller’s blog, I was part of a panel discussion on e-commerce in Fond Du Lac, I’ve been preparing for KitsuneKon this weekend, and I’m making lots of new masks!

I ordered a new side of leather, which should arrive today. I’m always amazed how fast I can go through a side! They’re 22-26 square feet on average, so that’s a lot of leather. I lay out all my templates by hand to make best use of the leather – I hate to waste it, and end up using many of my left over bits from cutting masks. There’s always a box of pieces I have on hand that are too small for masks, and too big for me to just throw away!

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from my guest post, and a link to read the rest.

The question was – Do you have a favorite item you have created?

“That answer changes over time! I have a special place in my heart for my fox masks. They were one of the first designs I developed all on my own. I will spend hours on youtube watching videos of foxes, and read everything I can on fox mythology and folk lore from around the world. I especially like the Japanese Kitsune mythology, and the Finnish myth about the northern lights being caused by foxes sweeping their tails through the snow.”

Read the rest here.