Etsy shop at 20 items!

My Etsy shop has 20 items listed! I can’t believe this milestone is here already, and at the same time can’t believe how long it’s taken. I’ve made quite a few new items for the store, and am slowly re doing old photos so they look better.

I’m really proud of how my photo skills have grown over time. The effort to learn how to use a light box is paying off! Even though I have a fairly inexpensive point and shoot camera, I think my pictures look pretty good. I’m enjoying finding ways to use props I have at home, along with some origami pieces I’ve made.

I’ve been making origami since I was little, and go in phases where I get super obsessed with it. I’m finding it makes a great photo prop, especially since I can make my items in any color to compliment what I’m shooting!

One of the keys of really nice product listing photos for Etsy is to make sure your item is well lit, and that it’s the star of your photo. Make sure any props don’t distract from what you’re selling! One way to do this is to use neutral colored props, keep them smaller than your item, or WAY larger so they’re just background. Depth of field helps with this too; anything that you don’t want to be the focus of your listing photo, keep out of focus!

I like to force depth of field by having something close to my lens so it blurs when I focus on what’s behind it. Or by having it further behind my item and taking a picture with my lens close to my item.

I plan on doing an extensive post about light boxes and Etsy product listing photos in the near future. If there are specific questions, let me know and I’ll be sure to include them!

That’s all for tonight.

Time for some tea, and knitting in bed.

(I sound like such an old lady!)