Darkrelia Cosplay Wears a leather mask from Lucy Loves Leather with spirit gum.

Spirit Gum for Cosplay – How to wear a mask without ties

What’s your next Cosplay? Ever wonder how cosplayers get their mask to just sit on their face, with no strings or ribbon? They’re probably using spirit gum! It creates a skin safe bond that keeps your mask in place and secure, even for a long day in costume. Ready to learn more about how to use spirit gum with your mask? Read on!

Hello everyone, I’m here today with Darkreilia Cosplay to talk about how to wear your mask with spirit gum! She’s purchased a few of my masks in the past, and has even formed her own mask to wear with spirit gum. I designed and cut the blank for her from leather, and she followed my simple instructions on how to get a perfect fit.

Let’s get started with some basic questions!

1. How well does it stay on?

“A mask with spirit gum can stay on for several hours. For example, I just recently went to a convention where I was wearing my mask from 10am to 6pm. The funny thing was that we thought it wouldn’t be staying on for long that day because we were running out of spirit gum. But, to our surprise it lasted quite a long time, with minimal spirit gum placed on it.”

2. How long can you wear it?

“As stated above, it can stay on for as long as you are comfortable
with it. If you want to wear it for only a few hours though it gets tricky. The
shortest amount of time I would suggest would be around 4 hours. If the spirit
gum does not start wearing off as it would if you wore it longer, it hurts a bit to get off.”

3. Can you do cosplay makeup with the mask?

“I always, always wear makeup when I am in cosplay. I apply my lotion, foundation, concealer, finishing powder, and eye shadow before I apply the mask. Given that the mask doesn’t cover my eyes, it still applies very easily with makeup on. Once you apply the spirit gum to the mask though, you have to wait for it to become tacky, then hold it to your face for around 7-10 minutes.”

– Note about makeup: I’ve talked to several other cosplayers who have worn my masks with spirit gum, and they wipe the makeup off their face around where they want to attach the mask.

4. Makeup before or after mask is on?

“I would say to do the makeup before you put your mask on because one, the mask limits your field of vision, and two, you don’t want to get makeup all over your mask.”

5. Removal

“The removal process is always the best part (sarcasm intended).Its not always the best feeling peeling something from your face but it has to be done. After you have worn the mask for 4+ hours (the longer the better), begin by making strange and outrageous faces. The more you move your face and muscles, the looser the mask becomes.

DO NOT peel it straight from your face! If you do, this can cause you to rip off several layers of skin and that hurts a lot. Just keep wiggling your face around until you can slowly wedge it a bit with your fingers. Then, using spirit gum remover or rubbing alchohol, wipe off
any excess spirit gum from your face. Once you have fully cleaned your face it
is very important to apply facial lotion or aloe gel to your face to help reduce the redness from where you were just wiping and put moisture back into your skin.”
6.   Cleaning – any residue on mask?

“There will be some dry spirit gum on the mask but it will not be an issue. If you feel you need to remove it use a tiny dab of spirit gum remover and wipe the back of the mask only. Do not use rubbing alcohol because it will start eating away at the mask.”

7.   Is it comfortable? Can people with sensitive skin use Spirit Gum?

“At first it will feel awkward with something foreign stuck to your face, but you do get use to it right away. I have sensitive skin and I can wear the mask all day long. I just make sure I apply a good amount of lotion to my face after the mask and the spirit gum is off.”

8. Any other advice?

“The best advice I can offer is to form the mask to your face for a better fit. If you are spirit gumming something to your face that doesn’t quite fit right, it will be uncomfortable and you will have to leave it on for several hours. Also, DO NOT RIP IT OFF!!! I cannot stress this enough. Wait until you really want to change out of your costume before taking the mask off.”

Sounds like some great tips! Make sure to stop by www.facebook.com/darkreiliacosplay to see her wonderful cosplay photos and give her a like!

Thanks for reading about wearing your mask with spirit gum. As always, be safe when trying a new product on your skin! Test for an allergic reaction, and follow instructions that come with your spirit gum or liquid latex.

If you would like to order a mask blank to form to your face, check out the listing in the Lucy Loves Leather etsy shop : https://www.etsy.com/listing/224737668/cosplay-mask-diy-leather-mask-superhero?ref=shop_home_feat_1

Make sure to watch this quick video on forming masks and read about painting!