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A Printable Masquerade Mask from Lucy Loves Leather

Hello everyone!

I’ve been working on some fun new things recently, including printable digital downloads. It’s a fun and fast way to make a mask! If you need something right away, this works great since you can download it instantly and print it right away. Simply print on cardstock, cut out, and then add ribbon, elastic, or a stick. BOOM! You’re ready for your masked ball! A great looking mask doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, or take hours to make.


Masquerade Masks make a great rainy day project for kids! I remember when I was a kid, my family had a closet full of art supplies and projects. When we couldn’t play outside in the yard, all four of us kids would dig into the piles of materials and get creative. That had a huge impact on me, since I was given the freedom to create. I was always drawn to DIY kits at craft stores that promised YOU TOO CAN MAKE THIS THING IN 3 EASY STEPS!!! Those boxes filled with sequins, feathers, glitter, and all sorts of bits and pieces occupied endless hours for me. Even though I never followed the directions, those kits showed me new possibilities, and gave me a framework when I didn’t have any inspiration. So much of being creative is just creating, even when you don’t feel like it. Even when it’s ‘not good’. Especially when you don’t feel inspired.

I love working with my hands. There’s something about creating and shaping a project physically. Digital art programs are great, and allow for a fast workflow. I use Photoshop, Illustrator, and several other such programs almost daily. Even when I am making digital art and projects, I end up using my Wacom tablet. I just got an iPad with the Apple Pencil, and love using that even to surf the internet. It feels more interactive to me than a mouse and keyboard. Using computers to create art adds exciting options, especially when it lets us bring things into the physical world in a new way.


I’m always amazed to think that my masquerade masks are sold around the world. That never could have happened without the internet. Now someone across the world can have a mask I designed in a few minutes. That’s amazing!


We live in such a neat time. Not only can we interact digitally with people from anywhere, we can send a file that becomes a physical item. I have a 3d Printer that I play with once in a while, and I spend a lot of time just looking at all the files people have created to 3d print. How cool is it that lines of code written somewhere else can become a kickplate for my camera?


That inspired me to find a way to make masquerade masks more accessible. Not everyone can afford a hand made leather mask, or you might have found it a day before you need it. Unfortunately shipping still takes time, even though express shipping can get my masks to most places in the world in less than a week! Now with a digital file, you can get it right away and put your own finishing touch on it.


Digital downloads are affordable too. It doesn’t matter if your kids destroy it in minutes. Print another! Use recycled materials to test designs, or to make a different look. Paper grocery bags make great templates and test paper. Cardboard from shipping boxes, old wrapping paper, newspaper ads… we get so much extra paper in our lives. Use it as much as you can!


Use this digital file to transfer a pattern onto felt or craft foam for a different style mask. They give a different fit and feel from paper, and form to your face better.

All these options are vegan friendly too!

More designs are coming soon, including a super hero style mask, a dragon, and other animals. What mask design do you want to see as an instant download?

Get it at LucyLovesLeather on Etsy


Thoth Masquerade Mask – Egyptian God Cosplay

Here’s a fun and bold mask, now joining my pantheon of Egyptian god masquerade masks!

Thoth, the Ibis headed god of wisdom and learning. I spent a long time finding the perfect dusky blue with just a hint of green, murky and mysterious. The radiant red sun disc rises on the forehead, like the sun through the mists over a river at the dawn of time. Rose gold lines the eyes, a frame to the mysteries of wisdom contained by Thoth.

I think this would be a fun and bold Mardi Gras mask, or a great display piece for your wall!

Spirit Gum for Cosplay – How to wear a mask without ties

What’s your next Cosplay? Ever wonder how cosplayers get their mask to just sit on their face, with no strings or ribbon? They’re probably using spirit gum! It creates a skin safe bond that keeps your mask in place and secure, even for a long day in costume. Ready to learn more about how to use spirit gum with your mask? Read on!

Hello everyone, I’m here today with Darkreilia Cosplay to talk about how to wear your mask with spirit gum! She’s purchased a few of my masks in the past, and has even formed her own mask to wear with spirit gum. I designed and cut the blank for her from leather, and she followed my simple instructions on how to get a perfect fit.

Let’s get started with some basic questions!

1. How well does it stay on?

“A mask with spirit gum can stay on for several hours. For example, I just recently went to a convention where I was wearing my mask from 10am to 6pm. The funny thing was that we thought it wouldn’t be staying on for long that day because we were running out of spirit gum. But, to our surprise it lasted quite a long time, with minimal spirit gum placed on it.”

2. How long can you wear it?

“As stated above, it can stay on for as long as you are comfortable
with it. If you want to wear it for only a few hours though it gets tricky. The
shortest amount of time I would suggest would be around 4 hours. If the spirit
gum does not start wearing off as it would if you wore it longer, it hurts a bit to get off.”

3. Can you do cosplay makeup with the mask?

“I always, always wear makeup when I am in cosplay. I apply my lotion, foundation, concealer, finishing powder, and eye shadow before I apply the mask. Given that the mask doesn’t cover my eyes, it still applies very easily with makeup on. Once you apply the spirit gum to the mask though, you have to wait for it to become tacky, then hold it to your face for around 7-10 minutes.”

– Note about makeup: I’ve talked to several other cosplayers who have worn my masks with spirit gum, and they wipe the makeup off their face around where they want to attach the mask.

4. Makeup before or after mask is on?

“I would say to do the makeup before you put your mask on because one, the mask limits your field of vision, and two, you don’t want to get makeup all over your mask.”

5. Removal

“The removal process is always the best part (sarcasm intended).Its not always the best feeling peeling something from your face but it has to be done. After you have worn the mask for 4+ hours (the longer the better), begin by making strange and outrageous faces. The more you move your face and muscles, the looser the mask becomes.

DO NOT peel it straight from your face! If you do, this can cause you to rip off several layers of skin and that hurts a lot. Just keep wiggling your face around until you can slowly wedge it a bit with your fingers. Then, using spirit gum remover or rubbing alchohol, wipe off
any excess spirit gum from your face. Once you have fully cleaned your face it
is very important to apply facial lotion or aloe gel to your face to help reduce the redness from where you were just wiping and put moisture back into your skin.”
6.   Cleaning – any residue on mask?

“There will be some dry spirit gum on the mask but it will not be an issue. If you feel you need to remove it use a tiny dab of spirit gum remover and wipe the back of the mask only. Do not use rubbing alcohol because it will start eating away at the mask.”

7.   Is it comfortable? Can people with sensitive skin use Spirit Gum?

“At first it will feel awkward with something foreign stuck to your face, but you do get use to it right away. I have sensitive skin and I can wear the mask all day long. I just make sure I apply a good amount of lotion to my face after the mask and the spirit gum is off.”

8. Any other advice?

“The best advice I can offer is to form the mask to your face for a better fit. If you are spirit gumming something to your face that doesn’t quite fit right, it will be uncomfortable and you will have to leave it on for several hours. Also, DO NOT RIP IT OFF!!! I cannot stress this enough. Wait until you really want to change out of your costume before taking the mask off.”

Sounds like some great tips! Make sure to stop by to see her wonderful cosplay photos and give her a like!

Thanks for reading about wearing your mask with spirit gum. As always, be safe when trying a new product on your skin! Test for an allergic reaction, and follow instructions that come with your spirit gum or liquid latex.

If you would like to order a mask blank to form to your face, check out the listing in the Lucy Loves Leather etsy shop :

Make sure to watch this quick video on forming masks and read about painting!

Starry Fox Masquerade Mask

Hello, here’s a preview of a new Starry Fox mask coming to my store soon!

Handmade from leather and painted with acrylics. I wanted a textured, cratered surface with a lot of contrast between the metallic silver and glossy black. Touches of glitter accent this mask, and 14 crystals under the eyes add a touch of sparkle and shine. This masquerade mask adds a dark elegance to your next cosplay or costume! Looks great at a masked ball or on display.

I went with a very dramatic up-swept eye markings to really draw attention to the beautiful expressiveness of this mask.

I’ll have it posted in my Etsy shop this week.

Bristol Ren Faire has a fantasy weekend coming up, complete with masquerade ball! I bet there will be some neat masks there that weekend. What do you like to wear to Ren Faire? If you’re going to a renaissance faire this summer, a leather masquerade mask is a must have for your costume! It’s easy to wear and lightweight, plus you can take it off or wear it on your head when you get too hot outside. Much easier than heavy makeup or prosthetics!

I’m also busy working on a new Egyptian God mask to add to my line up! Anubis masks are once again available, and I have a few Bast masks in stock. I love working with bold, simple designs with lots of impact. I try to achieve a clean minimalist design with each mask. Masquerade Masks are especially hard to keep simple and clean – it’s easy to get too gaudy trying to balance all the elements of a mask.

I’m excited to add new masks and re visit some old favorites.

Thanks for stopping by, don’t forget to check out my tutorials!

– Kym Lewis, Owner of Lucy Loves Leather

Making Bracers Part 3

Once I have my bracers cut out, it’s time to punch holes and set eyelets.  To get a sturdy and good looking eyelet set, you have to have the right tools.  First I punch the holes with a punch set.  It would be okay if the punch set is slightly bigger than the eyelet…however, if you go too big, the eyelets will not be able to be set correctly.  If you go too small, you won’t be able to put the eyelet through the hole.  To actually set the eyelet, you will get the best result with a setter that is the exact correct size for the size eyelets that you have.  Also, eyelets come in different stem lengths.  If your stem length is too long, it will be a much bigger challenge to get a good set.  If the stem is too short, it won’t reach all the way through the piece of leather.  Although setting eyelets can take a little bit of practice, having the correct tools will get you most of the way there.

Making Bracers Part 2

The first step is to trace your design onto the leather and then cut each design out.  It’s more efficient to do a bunch of them at once.  For this piece of leather I chose to cut out 7 pairs.  I like to overlap as many lines as possible so that I minimize the number of cuts I have to make.  Here is a time lapse of tracing and cutting out these 14 bracers.

Making Bracers Part 1


Since Kym is enjoying some awesome scuba diving in Bonaire this week, I thought I would do a short blog post that I will update as the process goes on.  As you can see I have a fresh new piece of leather laid out here.  I am going to use part of this leather to create a bunch of bracers.  The first step will be to lay out the template and try to minimize the amount of wasted leather.  I’m going to keep each post short and sweet…so tune in later for the next installation of Making Bracers.


How to Paint Leather Masks

Hello everyone!

I put together some basic information on how to paint leather masks. It’s a fairly simple process, and you can add as much or as little detail as you like.

I use acrylic paints. They’re water based and work well on leather. There’s a wide variety of colors to choose from, and you can even blend colors for a perfect custom blend!

Clean up is easy too – just use soap and water.

To get started with acrylic paints, you’ll need a few simple supplies.

– Water dish
– Plastic wrap or wax paper
– Brushes
– Leather Mask
– Paint
– Paper towel
– Access to a sink

Your water dish can be simple – I use a recycled plastic up, or a small glass ramekin. I typically keep 2 separate dishes. One for clean water, and one for a quick rinse. I avoid using mugs or cups, since I often have drinking water or tea nearby. Paint water doesn’t taste good!
Continue reading How to Paint Leather Masks

Making Fox Masks

I’ve been keeping busy lately, so I wanted to share a quick update of what’s going on!

I did a guest post on another Etsy seller’s blog, I was part of a panel discussion on e-commerce in Fond Du Lac, I’ve been preparing for KitsuneKon this weekend, and I’m making lots of new masks!

I ordered a new side of leather, which should arrive today. I’m always amazed how fast I can go through a side! They’re 22-26 square feet on average, so that’s a lot of leather. I lay out all my templates by hand to make best use of the leather – I hate to waste it, and end up using many of my left over bits from cutting masks. There’s always a box of pieces I have on hand that are too small for masks, and too big for me to just throw away!

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from my guest post, and a link to read the rest.

The question was – Do you have a favorite item you have created?

“That answer changes over time! I have a special place in my heart for my fox masks. They were one of the first designs I developed all on my own. I will spend hours on youtube watching videos of foxes, and read everything I can on fox mythology and folk lore from around the world. I especially like the Japanese Kitsune mythology, and the Finnish myth about the northern lights being caused by foxes sweeping their tails through the snow.”

Read the rest here.


Handmade Leather Masks

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